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Thousands can still be claimed on PPI cases – even after the deadline!

Bank Letter

PPI claims are NOT finished. Here are the key facts for 2024:

  • All PPI settlements should be re-evaluated to make sure you got all that you were owed.
  • If you had a PPI pay-out you should be able to get more under Plevin.
  • New claims can be made under the Unfair commission (Plevin) ruling
  • There is no Plevin Claim deadline.
  • Most Claims Management companies took a low settlement early.
  • For ease and speed of settlement most Claims Management companies tended to accept the initial lower offer from the bank.
  • No win no fee arrangements push for fast settlement.
  • Solicitors are duty bound to get the full settlement.
  • Only solicitors can now act on Plevin or PPI+ claims.

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