About US

Plev.in is a trading style of PPI Solicitors which is a trading name of Fairplane UK Ltd.

We specialist in providing consumers with a fair deal for their PPI, Plevin and flight delay claims.

We are dedicated to leveling the playing field in the battle between consumers who have paid over the odds in a commission payment on a PPI premium and banks and credit card companies who have willingly taken this money.

As part of FCA regulations and a ruling at the Supreme Court, all consumers who have made a commission payment over 50% as part of their PPI premium are entitled to compensation (most did).

We have set up sophisticated systems which will progress your claim quickly and efficiently. We will provide legal advice and support throughout the period of your claim and we will fight to make sure you receive what you are rightly owed. In short, we are on your side.

Registered Office:

Fairplane UK Ltd
2nd Floor, Westgate House, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1YS
Tel: 0203 0741100 | Email team@ppisolicitors.co.uk

Registered in England No.4871657
Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
Solicitors Regulation Authority No: 620400